Worcester Ro Consult is a business consultancy firm with extensive experience in a wide range of industries, including beauty, transportation, retail, catering, restaurants, construction, and more. 

The consultancy services provided are focused on helping businesses achieve their goals, whether they are just starting out or looking to expand their operations. Through a combination of industry expertise, strategic thinking, strong communication, and analytical skills, Worcester Ro Consult can help businesses identify opportunities, solve problems, and develop clear plans for success. 

In addition, there are also a range of digital services, including logo creation and branding, social media management, brand awareness, and website development, all designed to help businesses establish and promote their brand online. WRC can help you set up your business for success.

We are committed to offer you the best services you need for your business. Choose one or all of our services and receive more than a service.


Our journey began with answering one of the most important questions: What do SME’s and entrepreneurs need to make it happen? Great business ideas, concepts, products and services exist and are created every single day. Is there anything missing? Information, support, industry and market insights?

Here at Worcester Ro Consult, our team is dedicated to be the best ally for businesses, whether at the beginning or ready to grow and expand. Our motto, “More than a service”, embodies the very essence of our company: to be a strong ally for all of our clients, with the best tools to make success happen! 

It is more than a simple transaction. We take our time, invest in our clients and treat their journey as our own. WRC stands for every single business story, its aspirations and objectives, thus offering more value than anything on the market.



With more than a decade of experience, we offer insights and market trends, the best procedures and fastest results. And we are honest in our approach, should there be something we don’t know, we will find out, only to deliver the best, every single time.


Our dedicated team communicates clearly and openly while offering exceptional customer service. We build long-term relationships and we believe in people. From prompt responses to clear guidance and advice, our clients are taken care of, regardless of any issue.


We understand client needs and we offer more. Our company believes that consulting services need to truly support businesses, constantly improving and identifying the best opportunities.

We care, we get involved and we build. It’s all about success, growth and innovation.